Boosting your veggies-making it easier

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One of the health improving steps people struggle with is increasing vegetable intake. Here are a couple of the methods our clients find most helpful.

A snack box– the easiest snack veggies require almost no preparation and include – cherry tomatoes, snow or sugar snap peas, celery sticks, capsicum strips, Lebanese cucumbers and young green beans for example. A quick wash and pop them in a bag or box to chomp on with your lunch item. A tray of stir-fry veggies strips can be snacked on instead on the most rushed days.

Soups– homemade are best but not always practical. Using bought veggie soups can still add veggie serves to our day just choose the least salty . Putting in some extra frozen chopped veggies or a small tin of legumes will boost the serve number even further and make it more filling





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