Lowering Cholesterol

Your blood test results for cholesterol are an important risk factor for heart disease. Lifestyle, diet and genetics, along with medication are the big factors affecting each person’s results. When it comes to diet, most people know that the less saturated and trans fats they eat the better, but there is much more to an optimal heart healthy diet.

Foods such as fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables can play an important part in lowering your cholesterol, along with soluble fibre, soy products and plant sterols. If used regularly each of these dietary components can reduce cholesterol by as much as 10% – and the effect is additive. A dietary combination of many factors can often help reduce or avoid the need for medication.

Our Dietitian’s can help you in changing your diet from a heart risky eating pattern to one that helps protect your heart. At The Nutrition Specialists we endeavour to take your personal food preferences into account so that your diet is enjoyable as well as helping to maintain your health.

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