Weight Loss & Maintenance Strategies

Weight Loss & Maintenance Strategies

Weight Loss  

Carrying excess weight increases your risk of developing many chronic diseases such as:

  • Type 2 Diabetes;
  • High Blood Pressure;
  • High Cholesterol;
  • Some Cancers; and
  • Joint Issues.

Excess weight around the middle section of the body is associated with an increased risk of these illnesses – so it is important to keep your waistline under 90 cm for males, and 83 cm for females.

Being overweight may also increase the risk of nutritional deficiencies as many high energy foods have very low nutritional value.

Our Approach

Weight maintenance is a complex issue and involves more than simply balancing energy expenditure and energy intake. Sleep, stress and exercise levels all contribute to weight management and maintenance.

Focusing on specific weight loss nutrition advice can enable you to reach your goals, and helping you to feel good about yourself is our top priority.

We believe in taking a positive approach to assist you to achieve your weight loss goals, supporting and educating you throughout the entire journey, every step of the way.

Prioritising food variety and your meal preferences during your weight loss journey enables you to maintain long term changes and keep the weight off.

Our experienced dietitians at The Nutrition Specialists can help you manage your weight by:

  • Analysing your dietary intake and focusing on weight loss nutrition;
  • Helping you plan a healthy and nutritious diet;
  • Implementing personalised weight loss meal plans that are manageable for you in your daily life;
  • Providing education on topics such as the protein and fibre content of foods, so you start to understand what you should be including in your diet (and why);
  • Discussing your sleeping habits;
  • Exploring your stress levels;
  • Encouraging you to seek out and plan an exercise regime that suits your lifestyle.

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