Weight Loss Surgery Nutrition

Weight Loss Surgery Nutrition

Your journey through weight loss surgery can be a long and challenging road – it’s not just a set and forget procedure.

It is a complex process that involves a significant lifestyle change, and relearning how to eat to suit your new digestive system.

We believe that support and accountability are key aspects to ensuring your long term success.

At The Nutrition Specialists, we have dietitians with extensive training and experience in weight loss surgery nutrition who can help you achieve your personal goals and learn to develop a healthy relationship with food and your body.

Weight loss surgery is not just about the number on the scales, other important aspects of the surgery include…

  • Improving your relationship with your body and your food choices;
  • Improving your longevity and health;
  • Reducing generalised pain and osteoarthritis symptoms;
  • Reducing your chronic disease risks including diabetes, insulin resistance, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep apnoea, PCOS, etc.;
  • Discovering the joys of food and healthy eating and stepping away from the dieting mentality;
  • Improving your quality of life with improvement in everyday activities like tying up your shoelaces, going for a walk, playing with your kids/grandkids, fitting comfortably into your car or plane seat.

At The Nutrition Specialists, we are passionate about:

  • Providing you with a judgement-free space where you feel comfortable discussing your weight, challenges, emotions and dietary habits;
  • Providing adequate support to help you overcome past challenges with food such as emotional eating, over restriction, avoidance of food groups and poor quality food choices;
  • Providing an individualised approach to each and every person as we know everyone is unique;
  • Providing an abundance of knowledge regarding nutrition after weight loss surgery to our patients to protect you from harmful advice on the internet.

Our dietitians can assist you with your weight loss surgery journey by:

  • ​Providing education and support when deciding if surgery is the right option for you and helping you prepare your body for surgery;
  • Guiding you through the transition diet phases to ensure optimal healing and post-operative nutrition after weight loss surgery;
  • Analysing your diet, exercise, sleep and stress to provide you with a personalised plan to ensure the best outcomes for your surgery;
  • Providing you with education to optimise your weight loss, ensure nutritional adequacy and improve your specific health conditions;
  • Helping you to prevent weight regain and assist with reset and weight loss meal plans if regain occurs;
  • Improving emotional and comfort eating and developing healthier coping strategies.

To improve your relationship with food and ensure a smooth journey through weight loss surgery, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can book in through our website (HERE) or call us on (08) 9204 2588.